The trademark must secure an independent space depending on the medium to which it is applied.
    The grid system presented in this section is written to serve as a standard when it is impossible to use with computer data.
    To prevent the distortion of the trademark, zoom in/out must be in direct proportion horizontally and vertically.

    This represents the company's #1 position in the system cooling field of Korea.

  • Symbol Mark

    The logo of Zalman is a reference point that is symbolically visualized to consistently express Zalman's identity.
    It was developed to effectively communicate Zalman's visual brand assets by symbolically conveying the value provided based on the branding of 'excellent'.

    A perfect cooling design
    [ The fan impeller symbolizes cooling + Zalman initial 'Z' + Zalman strives to be No.1 in cooling ]

    Zalman's design motif was found in the fan's impeller.
    South Korea's national flag has four simbols which represents "sky" "earth" "water" and "fire". We took the symbol of fire and the shape of impeller to symbolically express a letter "Z".
    Being able to control fire/heat is essential to our identity. In addition, the structure of the Korean trigram, and the English initials used to express pride as a representative brand of South Korea and a commitment to change and develop in accordance with the future.


    Zalman's basic color is "Excellent Dark Blue" (CMYK: C100, M100, K55 / RGB: R29, B219, B73 / #1D1349), which symbolizes the transparency and coolness. It's purpose is to express the enterprising ideals of our company in parallel with the spirit of youth and innovation in a new experimental spirit.

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