- ISO 9001:2008 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Overview: What is ISO 9001? ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally accepted standard set by the International Standard Organization (ISO) for environmental management systems. It is used for evaluating an organization or corporation's ability in managing and guaranteeing the quality of the products.

Zalman is IS09001:2000 Certified (2002.9.28)

Zalman Tech formed an ISO 9001 certification team and received consulting service from Neville Clark Korea for six months from March to September of 2002 to set the document and work standardizations as well as quality standards. These standards were applied to the office systems and consistent quality enhancements such as choosing internal auditors to execute quality evaluations were made, which eventually led to the acquirement of the IS09001 certificate.

Zalman Tech will achieve an increase in the competitiveness of quality management system as well as realize customer satisfaction through the constant monitoring of customer satisfaction levels.

- IS0 14001:2004 Certified

- 1S0 14001:2004 Overview: What is 1S014001?

ISO 14001은 환경 관리 시스템의 요구 사항을 규정하는 국제 표준입니다. 각 기업이 인증을 획득하기 위해 3 자 인증 기관으로부터 평가를 받았습니다.

Zalman is 1S014001 Certified (2003.9.22)

Zalman Tech was certified as an environment-friendly firm that conforms to all the environmental regulations and international standards as well as that implements environmental certifications on all its business activities by becoming ISO 14001 certified.

- Inno-Biz Certificiate

- What is Inno-Biz?

ISO14001은 환경 관리 시스템의 요구 사항을 규정하는 국제 표준으로 각 기업이 인증을 획득하기 위해 제 3자 인증 기관으로부터 평가를 받았습니다.

Zalman Tech is Inno-Biz certified (September 4th, 2003)

Zalman Tech places more importance on its future potentials derived from its technological competence and competitive power acquired through research and development than its past achievements. As a result, Zalman Tech was able to acquire the Inno-Biz certificate that serves as an objective standard for measuring a firm's competitive power.

- Venture Firm Certificate

Zalman Tech is Venture Firm Certified (April 2000)

Zalman Tech was able to acquire the Venture Firm Certificate with its original cooling solutions and technologies for a silent computing environment.

- What is Inno-Biz?
A venture fine refers to an innovative small/mid-sized corporation that successfully strives for industrialization based on an independent foundation to transform into a research and technologically-equipped firm through development of high-end technologies and ideas.