Cybenetics ETA SILVER


The GigaMax3 has an ETA Silver efficiency rating,

meaning it has a guaranteed typical efficiency of 85%.

Cybenetics LAMBDA


Not only the efficiency of the power supplies is evaluated,

also the noise generated by it.

GigaMax 3 series has Lambda grade

for certificated silent PSU.

Intel ATX 3.0 guide compatible

PCIe 5.0 & 12VHPWR Ready!



ATX 3.0 compatible

100% ready for Intel and AMD



PCIe 5.0 Ready

Supports a dedicated 16pin PCIe 5.0 connector

for the latest graphics cards

80 PLUS Bronze 230V EU Certified


80PLUS Bronze guarantees 85%, 88%, 85% efficiency

with 20%, 50% and 100% load rates,

significantly reducing overall system power consumption.  

The higher efficiency of the PSU means that

there is less leakage of current,

which means less heat, high frequency noises,

and fan noise.

Semi-modular PSU


Semi modular design minimizes resistance

and voltage drop on the cables and lowers

impedance to further enhance energy efficiency,

connecting only the cables your system needs to

allow for smooth airflow to cool the system.

① Active PFC With 99% Maximum Power Factor


Active PFC system with maximum power factor of 99%

providing consistent and stable output as well as

high energy efficiency.  

High efficiency ensures safe, stable system operation

with low component noise, less heat from parts,

and minimal fluctuation of power supply. 



② Built-In EMI Filter For Noise Reduction


EMI filter is installed to suppress frequency

that causes noise for better system operation.


③ 12V DC-TO-DC Convertor With 100% Availability


The power supply supports a wide range of PC components,

minimizing variations in output voltage, maximizing 12V DC rail output

to provide a stable system operation


④ Built-In High Performance

Taiwanese Capacitor That Handles Up To 221˚F


Highly reliable Japanese capacitor used to supply

stable voltage even at high temperatures up to 221˚F



 ⑤ Aluminum Solid Capacitor


All capacitors in the power supply are top quality

and very reliable in supplying stable power even at high temperature.

Multiple Protection Circuit System


Multiple protection circuit system protects your system

Over Power Protection, Over Voltage Protection,

Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection,

Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection


Certifications (Domestic/Overseas)

ZALMAN’s power supply has acquired many domestic and

overseas certifications to ensure a safe and

stable PC experience for all our users.


Highly Energy-Efficient Standby Power Supply


ZALMAN’s power supply has such remarkable energy efficiency,

that during standby the power supply can be kept under 0.5W

to avoid any unnecessary power consumption.

The power supply has acquired  ErP LOT 6 which passed

european energy saving standards for environmental friendly

and energy efficient experience for users. 

Eco-Friendly Products

All Materials Included Are Environmentally Safe And Harmless.


RoHS Compliant

Certified products are environmentally safe that

do not cause harm to the human body.

Certification is received when XRF testing determines

that the 10 hazardous substances is below the standard

value for the electronic products exported to europe.

Unlike other inexpensive products, ZALMAN’s products

are produced from the beginning

with RoHS standards in mind. 

Intel and AMD RYZEN 100% Compatible and Ready


Meets all the needs of Intel and AMD RYZEN

processors for high performance PC users.

Compact size


Standard ATX size provides wide compatibility

FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)


Quiet and Long Lifespan Cooling Technology


FDB(Fluid Dynamic Bearing) has benefits of low noise and long lifespan.

it discharges internal heat quickly and provides sufficient cooling

at a low RPM to maximize stable, safe power supply.


FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) Fan

FDB, Fluid bearing type is a thin lubricant layer

that replaces the bearing for durable, quiet, and long lifespan.


FDB Fan stays quiet even for long usage

Unlike other conventional bearing fan,

FDB fan stays extremely quiet even after a long period of usage.


Honeycomb Vents


Honeycomb vents provide superior performance

and ventilation, discharging hot air quickly

Model Gigamax III 850W (ZM850-GV3)
Efficiency Max 88% @ 230VAC, Typical Load
Dimensions 140(L) x 150(W) x 86(H)mm
MTBF 100,000 Hours
Weight 1.8kg
Operating Temperature 10~40℃
PFC Active PFC
Regulatory CE, CB, RoHS, EAC, KC, RCM
Type ATX Ver 3.0
Input Voltage 200-240V~
Input Current 7A
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Fan Size 120mm
Fan Bearing FDB
Cables (Connector) Mainboard Cable x 1
CPU Cable (Connector 2ea) x 1
PCI Express Cable (Connector 2ea) x 1
PCI Express Cable x 1
IDE Cable (Connector 3ea) x1
S-ATA Cable (Connector 3ea) x 2
12VHPWR Cable x 1
IDE (Connector 3ea) + FDD (Connector 1ea) (1)
S-ATA (3)
12VHPWR Cable x 1
80 PLUS Bronze

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