Cool innovations of ZALMAN

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    • Method for manufacturing an electronic component cooling device including a heat pipe and an electric heating block (RDTH)
    • Laptop cooler using thermoelectric element and manufacturing method
    • Cooling device for electronic components with collogate plate stacked cooling tower
    • Cooling fan assembly with vibration and noise reduction
    • Electronic component cooling device with liquid pump
    • Cooling fan for electronic devices
    • Cooling fan for electronic components
    • Water pump of water cooler for electronic parts
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    • Heat sink for semiconductor device and Manufacturing method
    • Heat sink and Heat sink device using the Heat sink
    • Apparatus for Cooling Computer Parts and Method of Manufacturing the Same
    • Cooler for NOTEBOOK Computer
    • Method for Manufacturing Evaporatorfor loop Heat Pipe system
    • A Cooling Fan
    • Evaporator for Looped Heat Pipe system and method of Manufacturing the same
    • Water Cooling Apparatus
    • Pump for Water Cooler
    • A Cooling Fan