Intel 14th Gen Processors & AM5

It is fully compatible with the latest intel’s processors

as well as AMD Ryzen.

Power management technology for each processor is

seamless with no compatibility issues.




Socket Compatibility

Intel Socket : LGA1700/1200/115X

AMD Socket : AM5 / AM4 / AM3

Modern Top Cover

The clean and modern design CNPS14X DUO BLACK

is accentuated by a matching ABS top cover

featuring the Zalman signature logo.

Performance Dual Tower


14X offers extra heatsink and fins area

for better heat disssipation.

Dual tower maximizes performance and surface area

by incorporating optimized fin density and thickness.


Cut-out heatsink Structure


Cut-out heatsink is design in

an asymmetric sturcture, Heatsink fin stack

allows for motherboard and

RAM compatibility.

Six high quality heatpipes

CNPS14X effectively dissipates CPU heat

with six high quality heatpipes and

optimally designed heat sink.

(Supports up to 270W TDP)

Nickel Plated Pure Copper Heatpipes

Nickel plated copper heatpipes adds aesthetic to

CNPS 14X Black increases thermal conductivity

and rust resistance of the heatpipes

RDTH(Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe)

for excellent performance

Application of RDTH(Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe)

for excellent performance with minimum heat resistance

※ Patent #10-2019-0054423




DTH (Direct Touch Heatpipe) : 

DTH(Direct Touch Heatpipes) technology is used to increase heat dissipation

from the CPU and maximize cooling performance


RDTH (Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe) : 

RDTH allows larger dissipation area of heatpipes minimize heat resistance.

Extensive System Compatibility

CNPS14X DUO BLACK  gives 44mm clearance

for standard RAM and maximum 52mm height

with the cut-out fin design.

Adjust the fan to proper height for RAM slots

feature Overclocked RAM.

Standing 159mm tall to be compatible with most case.

(Note: It is recommended to check

the Overclocked RAM height restriction

before installation)


CNPS14X DUO BLACK is designed with

dual-tower heatsink for providing

better cooling and airflow.

6 heatpipes with exclusive direct contact technology,

dual aluminum fins and copper base

provide great thermal conductivity.

Powerful 120mm Annular Fan

Zalman AF120 annular fan is designed

to prevent vortex and backflow at the end of the wings,

which can improve efficiency and stability

by suppressing vibration.


1. The blade vibration is minimized by preventing the

trembling of the blades during fan operation and

the durability is enhanced.


2. Wind noise is minimized by suppressing the vortex

phenomenon that occurs on the blades.


3. Airflow is maximized by minimizing the amount of

air flow lost to the outer circumference of the rotor.

Zalman AF120 Shark Fin Blades

Unlike regular cooling fan, specially designed

Zalman AF120 Annular FAN with Shark fin

blade provides minimum resistance to

airflow allowing minimum operation noise.

Hydro Bearing, like ball bearing,

does not come into contact with metal

and lubricant layer replaces bearing.

It causes low noise, low heat and

shock-resistance that is extremely

durable and long-lasting.

Anti-Vibration Rubber Damper

Applied rubber damper to

minimize vibration noise during operation

Optimized PWM control


has been optimized to perform at its best

High Thermal Conductivity

ZM-STC8 (Included)

ZM-STC8, included with CNPS14X DUO BLACK,

increases thermal conductivity by filling

the fine space between the CPU and cooler.

Dimensions 126 x 135 x 159(H)mm
Materials Pure Copper, Pure Aluminum,
Weight 1,160g
Heat Dissipation Area 9,997㎠
Heat Pipe 6
TDP 270W
Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 26(H)mm
Fan Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Speed 600~2,000RPM±10%
Max. Fan Noise Level 29.7dB(A)±10%
Max. Fan Air Flow 69.12CFM±10%
Max. Static Pressure 2.01mmH2O±10%
Fan Life Span 40,000hours
Fan Connector Type 4-Pin
Fan Control Method PWM Control
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Current 0.28A
Power Consumption 3.36W
Socket Compatibility Intel : LGA1700 / 1200 / 115X
AMD : AM5 / AM4 / AM3

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