• Introducing new mascots of Zalman Tech.

    We are Zalman’s Monsters!

  • Mansu. Z. & Mansters

    Meet Mansu Z,
    the small but speedy squirrel with dreams of flight.

    Kind and helpful, he secretly yearns to be a hero.

    His nimble hands craft acorn sculptures, and his once-complex tail now symbolizes his newfound heroism.

  • Won-nee, the CPU Cooler Monster of Zalman,
    here to keep the party cool!

    My built-in overheating alarm (aka my awesome horn) means I'm always on the lookout for a CPU meltdown.

  • T'nee,
    Zalman's official Case Monster!

    Think of him as the coolest bodyguard your computer case ever had.

    He lives rent-free inside, zooming around and making sure everything stays smooth and chill for your awesome system.

  • SSenee,
    the PSU wizard of Zalman!

    His horns aren't just for show, these bad boys zap your system with the most stable, most efficient power around.

    Think of him as your own personal lightning fairy, zapping away any power gremlins that might mess with your rig.

    Reliability is my middle name (not really, but it should be) so you can game on, edit those epic videos, or browse cat memes worry-free!