Intel 14th Gen Processors & AM5

It is fully compatible with the latest intel’s processors

as well as AMD Ryzen.

Power management technology for each processor is

seamless with no compatibility issues.


Socket Compatibility

Intel Socket : LGA1700/1200/115X

AMD Socket : AM5/AM4

Unique Design

-Distinctive pump head design with Addressable RGB lighting

-High-performance pump provides powerful, low-noise cooling

-   The Alpha2 catches users' attention with various and esthetic effects

Live CPU Temperature Display

Alpha2 AIO features a Real-time display function

that pulls the temperature from the BIOS,

allowing users to monitor current temperature immediately.

Perfectly Synchronized ARGB

-   Exclusive design of ARGB effect

-   Sync with various motherboard RGB software



360˚ Rotatable Magnetic Pump Head

- Alpha2 pump head is designed to rotate 360º

- It can rotate freely according to direction of the tube and logo location

- The radiator can be mounted at various positions

Innovative Water Flow Pump Design

The innovative way to prevent pump overload

by separating the inflow and discharge of coolant into dual flow paths.

Maximum cooling performance by minimizing residual fluid.



※ It may be different

depending on the system configuration and environment.

High-Performance Pure Copper Base

Cools down the CPU temperature more effectively

Zalman AF120 Annular Fan with Shark Fin Blades

Unlike regular cooling fan, specially designed

Zalman AF120 Annular FAN with Shark fin blade provides

minimum resistance to airflow allowing minimum operation noise.


Hydro Bearing, like ball bearing, does not come into

contact with metal and lubricant layer replaces bearing.

It causes low noise, low heat and shock-resistance

that is extremely durable and long-lasting.


1. The blade vibration is minimized by preventing

the trembling of the blades during fan operation

and the durability is enhanced.


2. Wind noise is minimized by suppressing the vortex

phenomenon that occurs on the blades.


3. Airflow is maximized by minimizing the amount of

air flow lost to the outer circumference of the rotor.

Vibrant ARGB Lighting Effect &

Pre-installed Anti-vibration rubber pads 

Stunning and bright ARGB colors shine through the AF120

presenting your build in the most beautiful light possible.

Optimized PWM control

PWM controls automatic adjustments to fan speed

according to the user’s environmental noise level

to provide optimal performance

Aluminum Radiator with

Maximum Heat Dissipation Area

- Heat dissipation fins in aluminum radiator provides great airflow

- Fast cooling of coolant

- Mounting holes on both sides for easy installation

- Pull and Push set up for maximized air flow

Excellent thermal conductive

thermal compound ZM-STC10

Alpha2 comes with ZM-STC10.

STC10 provides ideal heat transfer to keep PC cool and

ready for heavy loads. It provides excellent thermal conductivity

by filling the space between the cooler base and CPU

Give visit ZALMAN official website ( to find

the corresponding product software and install it.


Supported operating system : win 10 and above.

             ZALMAN ALPHA2 A36


                   What a surprise!

              Much more than cheap!


                         ▼ READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE


               ZALMAN ALPHA2 A36


                   What a surprise!

              Much more than cheap!



Model Alpha2 A24 WHITE
Pump ▼ ----------------------------------------
Dimensions 73(L) x 73(W) x 57.3(H)mm
Materials PC,PPS,Pure Copper
Speed 3,000 RPM±10%
Bearing Type Ceramic Bearing
Water Flow 1.8L/min
Radiator ▼ ----------------------------------------
Dimensions 120 x 277 x 27(H)mm
Materials Aluminum
Fan ▼ ----------------------------------------
Dimensions 120mm x 120 x 26 (H)mm
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Speed 600~2,000RPM ± 10%
Max.Noise Level 29.7dB(A) ±10%
Max. Air Pressure 2.01mmH₂O ±10%
Control Method PWM Control
LED: Addressable RGB (3-Pin 5V)
Socket Compatibility Intel : LGA 1700/1200/115X

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