The basic color of the logo is blue (PANTONE 293C / CMYK: M75, C100 / RGB: 8255) that is intended to symbolize refreshment and transparency.It further expresses the spirit of youth innovation, and progressiveness as a global corporation.

    The straight and direct logo mark symbolize Zalman's sense of responsibility and honesty to the society and it endows an intention of creating a "comfortable, abundant, and happy" lifestyle for the customers through constant product development with differentiated ideas.

    • ZALMAN Blue

      PANTONE 293C
      C100% + M75%
    • ZALMAN Black

      PANTONE 426C

    Zalman's corporate mark has been designed to establish the corporate identity and to visualize the corporate vision and philosophy. The logo written in a straight and upright font has an effect of producing a simple visualization, which allows everyone to easily recognize it. The word 'Zalman' in Korean contains a meaning of 'in a sufficient and satisfactory' manner.

    The name Zalman is also a compound word consisting of ZAL (meaning good' in Korean) and MAN. Therefore, the word Zalman also contains a meaning of a 'good man: Thus, the name 'Zalman' contains a vision of making a positive impact on mankind by maximzing customer satisfaction loyalty.

    In summary, 'Zalman' stands for unique leadership and differentiation in the market by providing human-friendly computing solutions of the highest quality and value.

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