"We will find a global reputation." Zalman Tech reorganizes all products.

We will regain Zalman's global reputation with new products developed by our employees for two years. "
President Cheoljin Kim, Zalman Tech said this at a new product launch event held on the 29th at the Marine Canto in Yongsan Electronics Land and listened to the PC market and said that he would pay back with good products. Zalman Tech plans to reorganize the entire product line and target the domestic and foreign markets in 2020. The new products introduced on this day include 3 types of CPU coolers, 10 cases of cases, 6 types of power, 3 types of thermal compound, and 3 types of system and notebook coolers.

Vice President Lee Kwang-ki of the new product announcement announced the strategy, "We have prepared high-quality products targeting the high-end gaming PC market. We will target the global market including China, including Europe, where Korea and high-end gaming PC trends are similar." . He emphasized on the competitiveness of this new product ▲ applying new technology based on patent ▲ reestablishing Zalman identity with differentiated design ▲ maximizing accessibility and scalability through partnership with Global Alliance ▲ securing RGB total solution.

In relation to the new product, the cooler product family maximized the cooling effect by applying its own 4D stereo cooling fins. Noise and vibration are also minimized by applying biomimetic technology.

In addition to 80 Plus Gold, Power Supply has refurbished its product line and offers an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Megamax series, which will provide cost-effective price with 80 Plus, will be released in December.

Among the new products, the Z-machine 500, a self-tuning case, also attracted attention. Introduced as Made in Korea handmade, this product applied domestic aluminum CNC processing and tempered glass bending technology.