Dual Forward Converter Circuit Design

Active PFC

Built-in Active PFC circuit to provide high power factor and high efficiency


DC-DC Converter

Circuit design with DC-DC Converter for +5V and +3.3V


Single Rail +12VDC Output

Single Rail +12VDC Output Design


+5Vsb Green IC

Meets ErP 2013 Lot6 EU Standby Power Standards (ErP : Energy-related Product)


Secondary Protection IC

Heavy-duty protection circuitry of Over-Current, Over-Power, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage,
Over-Temperature and Short-Circuit Protection.


Modular DC Cable

DC Output Modular Cable Management

  Power Supply AC Power Cord Cable Ties Screw User’s Manual
DC Output Power Cable Specifications
International Safety and EMC Certifications
Electrical & Physical Characteristics
AC Input Range Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC ±10% Vout Output Load Rating Combined Power
Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ± 3 Imin Imax Ipeak
AC Input Current 100VAC 15A +3.3V 0.1A 22A   140W 850W
240VAC +5V 0.2A 22A  
PFC Type Active PFC +12V 0.1A 70.5A   846W
Power Factor Correction Max 99% -12V 0.0A 0.5A   6W
Inrush Current Limit
(@ Cold Start at 25℃)
100VAC Max 150A +5VSB 0.0A 3A   15W
240VAC Ambient Temperature
Efficiency Max88% @ 230VAC, Typical load Operation 0 ~ +45°C
DC Output Voltage
Vout Regulation Range At
Storage -20 ~ +70°C
+3.3VDC ±5% +3.14 ~ +3.47V Ambient Humidity
+5VDC ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Operation 5% ~ 95%RH
+12VDC ±5% +11.4 ~ +12.6V Storage 5% ~ 95%RH
-12VDC ±10% -10.8 ~ -13.0V At
Protection Funtions
+5VSB ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Over-Current Protection (OCP)
    Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
DC Output Ripple
& Noise
Vout Standard Range Under-Voltage Protection (UVP)
+3.3VDC 50mV Short-Cicuit Protection (SCP)
+5VDC 50mV Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)
+12VDC 120mV Over-Power Protection (OPP)
-12VDC 120mV Dimensions 160(L) x 150(W) x 86(H) mm
+5VSB 50mV Weight 2.8kg