Fanless and silent water-cooling system of a natural convection method equipped with a pump within the water tank.

Reserator (Reservoir+Radiator+Water Pump)
Reserator is a compound word derived from 'Reservoir' and 'Radiator' - it acts as a reservoir while radiating heat. This productworks well with natural convection and integrates a water pumpinside for convenience.

- Radiation Area : 1.274m2
- Weight : 6.5kg
- Dimensions : 150(L) x 150(W) x 592(H)mm
- Material : Pure Aluminum, Anodized
- Coolant Capacity : Max. 2.5L
- Maximum Integrated Water Pum : 5 W, Qmax 300L/h
- Maximum Lift : 0.5m
CPU Water Block (ZM-WB2 Gold)
The system includes Zalman's new CPU cooling component, ZM-WB2 Gold, which performs superbly and installs easily.

- Compatibility : Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478)
: AMD Duron/Athlon/Athlon XP (Socket 462)
: AMD AMD64 (Athlon 64/Athlon 64 FX/Opteron)(Socket 754/939/940)

ZM-WB2 Gold 
Clip Support (ZM-CS2)
ZM-WB2 Series Water Block Clip Support for Socket 775.

- Compatible CPUs : Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 775)
Flow Indicator
This component is connected in-line with the circulation tube to check the circulation of the coolant. When the coolant is actively circulating, the cap inside the flow indicator shakes rapidly, providing easy indication of the circulation status.
VGA Water Block ZM-GWB1 (Option)
Water block for cooling the GPU on a graphics card.
This product is sold separately and is available in two versions for compatibility with ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

1. Pure aluminum base ensures optimal weight and heat dissipation
2. Anodized product surface prevents corrosion.
3. Two types of water block provide support for virtually all types of ATI and NVIDIA VGA card. This product can be reused with upgraded video cards.
4. RAM heatsinks provide effective heat dissipation.

Check that the product is placed properly.
Confirm that the coolant circulation path is correct as shown below.