Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler

Powerful Cooling

Powerful yet silent 200mm Zalman Fan allowing optimal cooling performance.

Optimized Vent Hole

Optimized vent hole enables quiet yet strong cooling performance.

Simple Design


Cable Management

NO mess! USB and cables can be organized through the provided holes.

Compatible Notebook 12”-17” Notebook
Dimensions 308(L) x 380(W) x 42(H) mm
Weight 0.9 kg
Material Plastic, Steel
Input Voltage 5V (Connects with Notebook USB Port)
USB Ports 1EA
Fan Size 200 mm
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
RPM 575 rpm
Noise 20 dBA
Check the components list and condition of the product before use. If any problem is found, contact the retailer to obtain a replacement.
Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages due to improper product use.
Excessive force exerted on the product may cause critical damage to the product and/or system.
To prevent damages, do not allow objects to obstruct fan rotation.
To prevent shorting and/or damage of the fans, do not spill liquids on the unit.
Do not obstruct the air inlets.
Use on a flat and vibration-free surface.
Do not use in humid or dusty, under direct sunlight, or other heat sources.
Please seal the unit airtight when storing for prolonged periods to prevent buildup in the inlets.
Product designs and specifications may be revised without prior notification to improve quality and performance.