• Date: 2012-10-02

To accommodate 1,725 exhibitors and 4,492 booths (a 29% increase from 2007), this year’s Computex utilized both the TWTC Exhibition Halls and the brand new Nangang Exhibition Center.
[Booth Introduction]
(During Booth Setup)
The scale of Zalman’s booth was 6 booths and included interactive kiosks as well as a variety of display zones. Meeting rooms and lounge were setup on the 2nd floor.
(After Booth Setup)
The TRIMON 3D display and FPSGUN kiosks were located at the front and the ’New Products’ display zone at the center of the booth to highlight ’new release’ products.
(2nd Floor Meeting Rooms and Lounge)
[Core Products Introduction]
The soon to be released CNPS9900 LED CPU cooler utilizes a large super flow bearing 120mm fan placed in between two large heatsinks, providing ultra quiet high performance cooling.
ZM660-XT/ ZM770-XT, 660/770 watt PSUs use a large 140mm fan and the highest quality components enabling maximum efficiency of 87%, and are expected to be 80PLUS® BRONZE Certified. The quiet, efficient, and high output power supplies are designed for extreme users demanding the highest performance. Full Tower Case GS1000

- E-ATX Compatible
- Built-In Internal Hot Swap Bays
- Roller Type PSU Installation
- Easy Cable Management
- Optimized Air Flow

- Aluminum, steel, ABS
(TRIMON 2D/3D Convertible LCD Monitor)
(FPSGUN Gaming Mouse Zone)
The FPSGUN kiosk enabled visitors to play a networked FPS game with the FPSGUN gaming mouse in a ’Free For All’ shoot out.
(CPU Cooler Section)
(VGA Cooler / OEM Cooler Section)
(Power Supplies, Fans, and Fan Controllers Section)
(FPSGUN Gaming Mouse and Headphones Section)
(Notebook Cooler, Water Cooling, and Case Zone)
HTPC Case Section: HD160XT Plus, HD135, HD160 Plus
Hybrid Liquid Cooling Enclosure, Z-Machine LQ1000
The Z-Machine GT1000 and Reserator XT have been combined to produce LQ1000, designed for easy setup of a liquid cooling system.
GT1000/ GT900 High End Tower Enclosures
NC1000/NC2000 Notebook Coolers Reserator XT and High Performance Water Blocks
(Zalman’s Coolers on Display at Other Booths)
ZM1050 VGA Coolers ZM830 VGA Cooler
VF700 VGA Coolers
CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler CNPS9500 LED CPU Cooler
(Imitation Products)
These CPU coolers copied the figure-8 bending of the heatpipes that characterize Zalman’s CNPS9000 series CPU coolers.
[Pictures of Computex 2008]