Zalman at CeBIT 2008
  • Date: 2008-03-24

On the 1st of March, a team from Zalman headed for Hannover, Germany to participate in CeBIT the world’s largest IT exhibition which drew 5,845 companies from 77 countries this year.
[Booth Overview]
(During Final Stage of Construction)
The overall layout was designed for maximum exposure of core products consisting of CPU/ VGA coolers, computer enclosures, power supplies, water coolers, multi fan controllers, case fans, along with recently released products such as TRIMON 2D/3D convertible LCD monitors and FPSGUN™ gaming mouse.
(After Completion of Product Installation)
Zalman’s CeBIT 2008 booth was Zalman’s largest booth to date(double the size of 2007), and designed to enable visitors and buyers to interactively experience all products to their fullest potiential.
(2nd Floor Meeting Rooms and Lounges)
(CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler, and OEM Cooler Zone) (Power Supply, Fan Controller, and Case Fan Zone)
(Notebook Cooler, Water Cooling, and Case Zone)  
(FPSGUN™ Gaming Mouse Zone)  
Kiosks were installed to enable 10 gamers to simultaneously experience the FPSGUN™ gaming mouse, and an FPSGUN™ promotional video was played on a 42inch PDP display.
(TRIMON 2D/3D Convertible LCD Monitor Zone)
[Core Product Introduction]
CPU Cooler CNPS9300 AT
A cost effective variation of CNPS9500 AT, the CNPS9300 AT is lighter and smaller than CNPS9500 AT, but its cooling performance is just as powerful.
  VF2000, A High Performance VGA Cooler
VF2000 is an improved version of VF1000. It’s designed for maximum performance with a 5℃ performance advantage over VF1000 under the same conditions (release date TBA).
Fanless VGA Cooler VNF200
An improved version of VNF100 fanless VGA cooler, the VNF200 utilizes airflow from the CPU fan and rear case fan, providing cooling performance comparable to VF900 but in complete silence.
  Liquid Cooled Case, Z-Machine LQ1000
The Z-Machine GT1000 and Reserator XT have been combined to produce LQ1000, designed for easy setup of a liquid cooling system (to be released in late April).
RESERATOR XT and High Performance Water Blocks.   Full Tower Case GS1000
Developed to expand Zalman’s line up of enclosures, the GS1000 is scheduled for release in April.

- Built-In Internal Hot Swap Bays
- Roller Type PSU Installation
- Easy Cable Management
- Optimized Air Flow

- Aluminum, steel and plastic.

- Silver/Black
FPSGUN™ Gaming Mouse FG1000 and Dual Stereo Headphones ZM-DS4F
FPSGUN™ gaming mouse FG1000 is optimized for FPS games with trigger-like buttons that provide gamers a more immersive realistic gaming environment. Also on display was the new 19inch mouse pad Z-Machine MP1000, which is scheduled for release in March.
  TRIMON 32inch 2D/3D Convertible LCD Monitor
TRIMON Series 2D/3D Convertible Monitors enable switching between 2D and 3D viewing with a simple keyboard command, and experiencing games, videos, CAD and movies in stereoscopic 3D. This year at CeBIT, 32”, 24”, and 22” models were demonstrated.
[CeBIT Begins]
(3D Monitor Zone)
Visitors enjoying a driving game in stereoscopic 3D and our helpful German staff.
A TV reporter experiencing Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 in stereoscopic 3D on the 32inch 3D Monitor.
(FPSGUN™ Gaming Zone)
Visitors watching the FPSGUN™ promotional video.   A crowd gathered watching gamers experiencing the FPSGUN™.
(TV Broadcasters from Various European Countries)
(FPSGUN™ Gaming Zone from Above)
The FPSGUN™ received a lot of exposure on European TV resulting in heightened interest and all sorts of visitors such as a female pro gamer, policeman, gamer with a heavily bandaged finger, gaming teams and more.
(Miscellaneous Zalman Booth Pictures)
(More Pictures of CeBIT 2008)