Zalman at the Korea Electronics Show(KES) 2007
  • Date: 2007-10-24

▣ Zalman at the Korea Electronics Show(KES) 2007

Dates: 2007.10.09 ~ 13
Location: KINTEX(Korea International Exhibition Center) Halls 3, 4, 5

  Zalman participated in the Korea Electronics Show(KES) 2007 with a 4 booth sized independent booth, showing off its main line of products consisting of cooling solutions, cases, power supplies, as well as new products such as the Trimon series 2D/3D convertible LCD monitors, FPS GUN gaming mouse, and headphones.
Views of Zalman’s booth.
The front side of the booth was entirely used for displaying and demonstrating the Trimon series 2D/3D convertible LCD monitors to a large number of visitors. The Trimon monitors along with the PC systems built with Z-Machine series GT1000 cases and Zalman’s cooling solutions attracted countless visitors.
Many visitors that experienced 3D gaming and videography with the Trimon series monitors were amazed and amused by its clarity and life-like 3D performance.
The central display area demonstrated the online game ’World of Warcraft’ in 3D with a custom-built ultra-wide multi-screen display incorporating three 19inch Trimon displays, allowing visitors to realistically experience the enormous ’World’ concept within the game.
The booth’s inner area was sectioned into 3 areas in which the Left Section displayed various cooling solutions, systems, cases, PSUs & Accessories, the Center Section displayed notebook coolers, and the Right Section displayed various headphones as well as the new FPS GUN gaming mouse.
Cooling Solutions Zone displaying various coolers, cases, water cooling systems, PSUs & Accessories.
Notebook Coolers and Surround Sound Headphones Demo Zone. The new wide notebook cooler ZM-NC2000 and the previously released and smaller ZM-NC1000 were displayed with a notebook playing DVD movies and the recently released ZM-RS6F USB Surround Sound Headphones attracting the attention of many, young and old.
Headphones and FPS GUN Gaming Mouse Demo Zone. The headphones section was designed to let visitors touch and hear the headphones to experience their true quality, and the FPS GUN section was setup so that visitors could “test drive” the FPS GUN within popular online FPS games.
Visitors eagerly waiting to try out the FPS GUN, and FPS gamers in action, getting their first experiences with a totally new gaming interface.