• Date: 2007-06-15

▣ Computex 2007

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Dates: 2007. 06. 05 ~ 09

  We arrived on June 3rd, two days before Computex to setup our booth. We were greeted with rain which continued for the entire length of the exhibition.
  The first team of seven arrived at Zalman’s booth and began the setup process. The booth was designed as a two story booth with meeting rooms on the 2nd floor. The total area was about 61 m².
  The setup was completed by Monday afternoon (4th of June).
On the second floor there were two meeting rooms for buyers and guests. There was also a small refreshment stand for cold drinks and snacks.
[Computex Begins]
Computex 2007 began on Tuesday June 5th. It is the largest information technology show in Asia.
[Product Introduction]
2D/3D Convertible LCD Monitors
  2D/3D Convertible LCD Monitor (ZM-M220W)
Zalman’s 3D monitors attracted the attention of many visitors. It was our 3rd showing of the monitors after CES in January and CeBIT in March. The monitors can easily be switched into 2D or 3D. At Computex 2007, the monitors were displayed with a 3D driving game as well as various stereoscopic videos and animations. The monitors include models in 19inch, 19inch wide, 22inch wide, and are scheduled for release later this year.
Zalman’s Cooler Lineup
    CNPS8700 LED CPU Cooler
The CNPS8700 LED incorporates a 2 heatpipe design that produces the performance of up to 4 heatpipes. It’s compatible with slim cases due to its low profile, and is equipped with an ultra quiet blue LED fan.
VF1000 VGA Cooler, ZM-RHS88 Ram Heatsink   VNF100 VGA Cooler
The VF-1000, scheduled for release in July, is compatible with most graphic cards up to Nvidia’s 8800 Series. Performance is optimized with four heatpipes, and weight is minimized with aluminum fins. It can be used together with ZM-RHS88 Ram Heatsink for optimum cooling with Nvidia’s 8800 series graphic cards. VNF100 Fanless VGA Cooler incorporates 3 heatpipes, is completely silent, and has broad compatibility up to Nvidia 8600 series and ATi X1800XL.
PSU, LED FAN, Fan Controller Lineup
ZM-F1, F2, F3 LED Case Fans., PSU’s   ZM850-HP PSU
The LED Case Fans are available in 3 sizes and colors (Red, Green, Blue), and come with silicone pins to absorb vibrations. The ZM-850HP PSU provides 850W of continuous power, and incorporates 2 heatpipes together with a 140mm automatic fan for high performance ultra quiet operation.
Water Cooling, HTPC Enclosure Lineup
  Water Cooling Systems
LQ1000 Hybrid Liquid Cooling Enclosure   Z-Machine GT1000 Gaming Enclosure
The LQ-1000 is a hybrid case that incorporates active, passive, and water cooling technologies. Its comprehensive visual display is informative and aesthetically “cool.”
HD160XT Plus   HD160 Plus
The two upgraded home theater enclosures HD160XT Plus and HD160 Plus are scheduled for release in July and August respectively.
Northbridge Cooler, Notebook Cooler and Headphones Lineup
The Northbridge Coolers, ZM-NBF47, ZM-NB47J, ZM-NB32K and Notebook Cooler were also on display. The ZM-RS6F’s 6 speakers provide a realistic surround sound experience. ZM-RS6F USB has an integrated USB sound card that allows the user to experience surround sound music and games even with notebooks. The ZM-DS4F features include a 2way “Dual Stereo” sound. The ZM-RS6F USB and ZM-DS4F headphones are scheduled to be released later this year.
[Zalman Booth]
Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our products at Computex 2007.
[Computex 2007]
[Night Pictures of Taipei]
    The world’s tallest building Taipei 101