Zalman at CeBIT 2007
  • Date: 2007-04-04

▣ Zalman at CeBIT 2007

Location : CeBIT 2007 (Hannover, Germany)
Dates : 2007. 3. 15 - 21

  Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. installed the largest booth in its exhibition history(100㎡+33㎡, 2-story) at the CeBIT 2007 show in Hannover, Germany.
The Zalman exhibit members were comprised of three teams. The first team left from Incheon Airport for Hannover for the installation of the booth and products.
We arrived in the late evening at Hannover, Germany. After a night’s sleep, we immediately headed for the exhibit.
We were tired due to the time difference, but we were relieved when we witnessed the successfully installed booth after arriving at the exhibit.
We simultaneously proceeded with the booth-modifying work and arrangement of goods. Furthermore, we put in a lot of effort in product installation to provide the visitors with great things to see and experience at the booth.
  Several reporters visited the booth even before its installation for interviews.
Finally, CeBIT 2007 was opened for the visitors. The Zalman booth was located in the Hall 21(total of 30 halls in the exhibit), and the booth was swarmed with visitors as soon as the show started.
The Zalman booth was constructed to resemble a computer enclosure, and models shaped like heatsinks were installed on the upper area of the booth to give it a distinct Zalman feel.
The 2nd floor of the booth was equipped with two meeting rooms for meetings with buyers and a small lounge where buyers, visitors, and Zalman staff could rest.
OEM and Retail Coolers displayed in their respective display areas.
Cooler products and the 2D/3D Convertible 22” LCD Monitors.
Water-Cooling Systems and HTPC Enclosures.
The booth and its products attracted a large crowd, making it difficult us for to capture the scene with pictures.
Zalman introduced many new products at CeBIT 2007.
CNPS8700: A model equipped with heatpipes shaped in Zalman’s unique flower heatsink configuration. An upgraded performance can be expected.
VF1000: The application of four heatpipes and the placement of the fan on the center of the dissipation fins provide excellent performance. Looking forward to seeing its great achievements in the VGA cooler market in the near future.
The VNF100: Fanless VGA cooler is designed for users desiring a noiseless VGA cooler. Many graphic card manufacturers were drawn to this model for OEM use.
ZM-NC900: It is a variation model of the ZM-NC1000. It is light-weight, supports wide notebooks, and is planned for release in the first half of this year.
RESERATOR XT: A hybrid(active/passive) water-cooling system with excellent performance and an elegant design. Features include a selectable automatic/manual fan speed & coolant flow rate control, selectable temperature unit display(℃/℉), and a visual/audible alarm system.
ZM-GW8800: It is a water block designed for nVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphic cards users.
Z-Machine GT1000: A 100% aluminum enclosure designed for tool-free use. Color options include titanium and black. The enclosure is planned for release in April 2007.
Visitors were able to experience 3D gaming with our 2D/3D Convertible LCD monitors, Z-Machine GT1000 gaming enclosures, and 5.1ch headphones.
Smith Agents?
Demonstrated the operation of the 19” and 22” 3D Convertible LCD monitors expected for release. It received the most interest from the visitors.
ZM-MFC1+: A variation of the original ZM-MFC1, the ZM-MFC1+ allows control of six fans. The aluminum panel and knobs are a significant upgrade in aesthetic quality.
ZM-MFC2: One of its great features is its ability to measure the power consumption of the computer system. It also allows the setting of fan rpm and monitoring of internal temperature at four different points.
Power Supplies: The new silent and heatpipe-cooled ZM500-HP and ZM600-HP.
LED Case Fans: The 80, 92, and 120mm fans equipped with blue, green, and red LEDs were put on display. They are expected to be released in May of 2007.
On the way back to our residence after the day’s work. We used the subway for transportation.
  The plane being prepared for the flight before our trip back home.
We felt a strange mix of relief and emptiness once the preparations for the exhibit and the actual exhibit were over. The Zalman staff was extremely busy preparing for the exhibit from approximately three months prior to the show. From a subjective point of view, the show was a great success. From this point onwards is when we have to concentrate on the actual release of the products that were introduced during the show. We would like to end this writing by thanking the visitors for their interest in Zalman and with our promise to strive for excellent products and service.