WSVG 2006 (Louisville) and Zalman
  • Date: 2006-09-05

Event: WSVG (World Series of Video Games)
Location: Kentucky Exposition Center - Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Date: June 15 ~ 18, 2006 (4 days)

Kentucky Exposition Center
Zalman has actively entered the gaming arena with Fatal1ty Brand Partners (Abit, Creative, XFX) as a major sponsor of the new gaming event called the &World Series of Video Games” that will take place in various cities around the world.

WSVG is an exhibition, LAN party, pro-gaming competition, dance competition, music concert, career fair etc. all gathered into one large event, and has the possibility of becoming a year-round global event, attracting the press, industry professionals, gamers, as well as the general public.
The Fatal1ty booth’s front view and Central Stage.

The Fatal1ty booth as viewed from the left where Zalman’s display area was set.
Four systems were connected via a hub to allow visitors to join in on a Quake4 Death Match.
The Fatal1ty booth as viewed from the right where Creative’s display area was set.
X-Fi demo pod, Head-to-Head Gaming area, and Abit’s display area.
X-Fi demo pod interior.
Head-to-Head Gaming area.
Fatal1ty products showcase and Zalman’s Fatal1ty products.

The New Fatal1ty Dual HeatpipeVGA Cooler (FC-ZV9).
The New Fatal1ty CPU Cooler (FC-ZC9) prototype
The New Fatal1ty 600W Power Supply (FC-ZP6HP) prototype
Zalman HD160 Home Theatre Enclosure (a non-Fatal1ty branded product).
Setup next to the Fatal1ty booth was Intel’s booth which demonstrated its next generation processors based on Core Duo &dual-core” architecture through various games in desktops and more noticeably notebooks.
ATi setup its booth with an industrial facility-like theme. Due to logistics issues, ATi actually used several of the official WSVG systems built with Zalman’s Fatal1ty Champion Series Enclosures.
TSN(Team Sportscast Network) setup a bare-bone studio onsite for live internet video broadcasts of the various gaming competitions.
Satellite broadcasting crews were also onsite covering the competitions and the event as a whole.
The official PC games competition area was dominated by systems built with Zalman’s Fatal1ty Enclosures.
From the second day of the event, the competitions started to get into full swing and media coverage was highly noticeable.
Johnathan &Fatal1ty” Wendel and China’s &Rocket Boy” went head to head in a Quake4 match with Fatal1ty winning with a score of no less than 32 to -1.
A series of preliminary competitions for World of Warcraft and Counter Strike unfolded with attentive media.
The LANWAR event’s BYOC(Bring Your Own Computer) area was covered with all kinds of interestingly modified systems.
On the Fatal1ty booth’s Central Stage, Creative hosted a Jeopardy-like game show, and gave away prizes. The contestants that were picked from the crowd had to reply with the correct question for answers pertaining to each Fatal1ty Partners’ products.
All kinds of folks, young and old, and surprisingly even young children attended the event.
Saturday night’s main event was the rock concert by &30 Seconds To Mars.” The band’s lead singer, actor Jarred Leto, is well known for his performances in movies such as &Requiem For a Dream,” &Lord of War,” and &Fight Club.”
During the last day of the event, the intensity peaked with the competition finals.
Shown are the X-box gaming finals and the Counter Strike finals.
Fatal1ty &F-Players” team member Alessandro &Stermy” Avallone (19) won the Quake4 competition taking the 1st place prize of $5,000, as well as maintaining the association of &Fatal1ty” with the world’s best professional gamers.

Stermy smiles during a short break during the finals. Opponent &LoStCaUse” (in red shirt) gets ready for the last round with Stermy.
In the end, Fatal1ty &F-Players” team member Alessandro &Stermy” Avallone took the 1st place check.
Look forward to the next WSVG event which will be held in Grapevine, Texas.