GamingKeyboard with5+7 programmable keys ZM-K400G pckoloji as a TOP VALUE AWARD.
  • Date: 2014-06-27

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Very good keyboard for the price and Turkish Q layout is a plus. Here is conclusion: "There are many gamer oriented affordable keyboards but Zalman ZM-K400G which is around 25.6$ is one step ahead of the competition. Turkish Q layout is a plus and membran keys are quiet. Laser etched keys are getting higher at the front part which represents an ergonomic design. Certainly the most interesting part is top where gaming and multimedia shortcuts are located. Nothing is missing there and you can program the keys extensively thanks to the advanced software.
The other selling point is the LED illumination system. USB bus powered system is not very bright but you can always fine-tune it with the brightness dialer. Driver installation is not necessary. Long cable is strong. When legs are open, keyboard is having a small slope. Three different profiles are supported and can be activated automaticaly when games/apps are opened. It is possible to add more profiles because import/export feature is available. We did not have any problem during our tests. It is unfair to expect more for that price. "