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Important Recall Announcement Regarding CNPS89000 Quiet CPU cooler
  • Date: 2016-02-19

Dear customers,

We sincerely thank you for continued support and your business is always appreciated.
Zalman Tech is voluntarily recalling the CNPS8900 Quiet CPU coolers manufactured between October and November 2015
because the installed components were not in compliance with the original specification. Through internal investigation, we have
discovered that foreign components were introduced during the production changeover. Our thermal engineers also later found
out that, though the units are fully operational, marginal performance loss has been measured, and it is against our principle
to sell as is. Thus, if you have recently purchased the CNPS8900 Quiet CPU cooler, please contact your seller or distributor
to receive a full refund.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience,
and we promise to deliver better products in the future through improved quality assurance.
Thank you.

February 15th 2016
Zalman Tech Col, Ltd CEO Keonwoong In

[CNPS8900 Quiet serial number involved in the recall]
20285F10100001~20285F10101530 / 20285F11100001~20285F11102480