Active PFC
Built-in Active PFC circuit to provide high power factor and high efficiency

Dual Forward Converter Circuit
Dual Forward Converter Circuit designed for stability

Single Rail +12VDC Output
Single+12VDC output design for stabilized voltage supply
+5Vsb Green IC
Meets ErP 2010 Lot6 EU Standby Power Standards
Standby power lower than 1W (ErP : Energy-related Product)

Secondary Protection IC
Built-in Over-voltage, Over-current, Under-voltage, Short-circuit Protection Functions

120mm Quiet Fan
Low noise 120mm Quiet Fan controlled by thermal Cooling System

Output Power Cable Specifications
International Safety and EMC Certifications
Electrical & Physical Characteristics
AC Input Range Voltage 100~240VAC ±10% 200~240VAC ±10% Vout Output Load Rating Combined Power
Frequency 50Hz ~ 60㎐ ±3 Imin Imax Ipeak
AC Input Current Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC 200 ~ 240VAC +3.3V 0.1A 16A   120W 400W
Current 8-4A 4A +5V 0.2A 15A  
PFC Type Active PFC +12V 0.1A 25A 28A 300W
Power Factor Correction Max 99%
-12V 0.0A 0.3A   3.6W
Inrush Current Limit
(@ Cold Start at 25℃)
115VAC Max 100A +5VSB 0.0A 2.0A 2.5A 10W
230VAC Ambient Temperature
Efficiency Max 84% @230VAC, Typical load Operation 0 ~ +40℃
DC Output Voltage
Vout Regulation Range At Full
Storage -20 ~ 70°C
+3.3VDC ±5% +3.14 ~ +3.47V Ambient Humidity
+5VDC ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Operation 5% ~ 95% RH
+12VDC ±5% +11.4 ~ +12.6V Storage 5% ~ 95% RH
-12VDC ±10% -10.8 ~ -13.0V Dimensions 140(L)*150(W)*86(H)mm
+5VSB ±5% +4.75 ~ +5.25V Weight 1.8kg
DC Output Ripple
& Noisev
Vout Standard Range At Full
Protection Funtions
+3.3VDC 50mV Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
+5VDC 50mV Under-Voltage Protection (UVP)
+12VDC 120mV Short-Cicuit Protection (SCP)
-12VDC 120mV Over-Power Protection (OPP)
+5VSB 50mV Over-Current Protection (OCP)
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