120mm silent case fan free from noise and vibration.
Does not generate noise or vibration in Silent Mode.
It is a case fan product.
Provides pleasant environment by restraining vibrations with the use of vibration-preventing silicon pins.
Dimensions 120(W) x 120(L) x 25(H) mm
Weight 164g
Speed Silent Mode 900rpm ± 10 % Normal Mode 1,800rpm ± 10 %
Noise Level Silent Mode 20.0dBA Low-noise Mode 34.0dBA
Bearing Type Sleeve
- ZF1225ASH
- Noiseless Connector (RC56)
- Silicone pins for installing ZM-F3 (SP1)
Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.
The specifications of any product may change without prior notice to improve the performance thereof.