Gun Type Design Optimized for FPS Gaming Ergonomic Slant Grip
GUN type design optimized for FPS (First- Person Shooter)gaming
Optimized for FPS gaming, the GUN-styled mouse features trigger style buttons, which create a more immersive and virtual gaming environment.5
Ergonomic Slant Grip
Designed with gamers in mind, its unique ergonomics virtually eliminate extended gaming session fatigues.
Wide Angle Targeting with Minimal Movement
The sensor located ahead of the grip allows large/quick manipulation with small movements.
5 Programmable Buttons
Scroll, left/right, forwards, backwards.
On-the-Fly DPI control button (up to 2000DPI)
Located atop the sensor part of the FPS GUN is an easy access DPI button, which allows Real-time DPI manipulation. The scroll wheel changes colors depending on the user selected DPI setting.
- Violet: 100, 600DPI
- Blue: 800, 1000, 1200DPI
- Red: 1400, 1600, 2000DPI
Ultra quiet & smooth Teflon Feet
TEFLON feet provide the quickest and smoothest surface interaction.
Tough OMRON Trigger buttons
OMRON buttons, which are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 million clicks, were chosen to provide ruggedness.
Gold-plated USB connector
Supports Up to 2000 DPI
1ms Fast Response(1000Hz Poling Rate)
16Bit Data Channel
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista(32bit)
USB Port
CD-ROM Drive
Tracking Resolution - Programmable up to 2000 dpi
- Default Presets - 1600/800/400 dpi
Image Processing 6400 fps (frames per second)
Maximum Acceleration 15 g
Maximum Speed 40 ips (inches per second)
USB Data Format 16 bit
USB Report Rate 1000 Hz
Weight 6.38 oz (181 g)
Dimensions 169 x 75 x 85 mm (L x W x H)
The wrist can be used as the pivoting point and rotated to allow faster movements.
Using the DPI Control Button for Game Play
- Increase the DPI value for characters that require quick movements.
- Decrease the DPI value for characters that require precise movements.
Advanced Tip)
Quick Stop : Tilting the grip to the left/right after dragging the mouse to the left/right facilitates Quick Stop.
Using the product in an improper posture for a long period may result in fatigue or soreness.
Use and store the product free from exposure to liquids and humidity.
Must be operated within a temperature range of 0˚C(32˚F) ~ 40˚C(104˚F).
Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the product for repair.
Check the components list and condition of the product before installation.
If any problem is found, contact the place of purchase to obtain a replacement/refund.
Certain old motherboard models that were released when USB ports were first implemented on the PC may have a low USB transmission rate, which could cause malfunctioning. Using on a PC with a very low electrical capacity (power consumption of 150 watts or lower) could generate malfunctioning as well.